Memories of Maldon - Maeldune Heritage Centre

Listening post – Memories of Maldon

We are proud to be home for the Maldon Society Listening Station at The Maeldune Heritage Centre.  There are approximately 15 short excerpts from a wide range of the current library of recordings, including some on the Maldon Embroidery.  The doors of The Maeldune Heritage Centre are always open and a warm welcome inside for all our visitors.  So next time you visit Maldon High Street do come and listen to some of the stories.  Maldon Society would like to hear from you if you have a story to tell! For more information contact or visit

Video and photographic archive

In addition to the Listening Station, Maldon Society also collect and store historic photographs, drawings and videos of Maldon town and its people.  To achieve this Maldon Society rely on people lending their collections so the images may be scanned and stored digitally.  The Society then place the images on a special computer in the Maeldune Heritage Centre so they can be viewed on a new 43” colour touch screen.  Some 8000 images are available to see. These are listed under subject headings such as ‘Maldon Town’, ‘Riverside’, ‘Railways’, ‘People’ and ‘Heritage’. If you have some old photographs of Maldon and would be happy for Maldon Society to take copies, they would be delighted to hear from you.

Maldon Society – Video and photographic archive

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