30th Anniversary of the Making of the Maldon Embroidery 2021

30th anniversary - Maldon Embroidery

30th Anniversary of the Maldon Embroidery Tea Party

In October 2021, the trustees of the Maeldune Trust were delighted to welcome many of the embroiderers who created the Maldon Embroidery 30 years ago. The Lord Lieutenant, Maldon Mayor, Councillors, our wonderful manager and volunteers from the Maeldune Centre all came together to celebrate with us in Maldon Town Hall.

How lucky we are to be the custodians of this amazing piece of art work which these ladies helped create, and which is a real jewel in the crown of Maldon. It is not only an exquisite piece of embroidery but is also a pictorial history of our town.

Humphrey Spender’s brilliant design and vibrant colours have been embroidered so beautifully that it appeals to all ages. The Embroidery, translated into fabric and stitch by Lee Cash, brings Maldon’s history alive for everyone in such a unique way. It is as fresh today as it was when it was made!

Our wish was to thank and applaud these Embroiderers for the legacy they created for Maldon. Judging by the chatter and laughter, we believe the afternoon was enjoyed by all. Seventeen embroiderers were reunited, enjoying and sharing their memories over cups of tea, sandwiches and cakes.

For the 30th Anniversary the Maeldune Trust compiled a digital version of the story of the Making of the Embroidery and the folders are on display at the Maeldune Heritage Centre for visitors to browse and enjoy.

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