Workers of historic Maldon embroidery honoured at Heritage Centre’s 25th birthday

WORKERS who worked for three years to create a historic Embroidery have been honoured by the Mayor of Maldon.

The Maeldune Heritage Centre celebrated a very important birthday as the beautiful Maldon Embroidery became 25 years old in 2016.

The Centre recently invited the original Embroiderers who worked on the Embroidery for three years, to a special celebratory event at the Maeldune Heritage Centre in the presence of Maldon’s Mayor Richard Miller.

The Centre were delighted to see so many of them again, and they were also joined by Andrew Fawcett, who worked closely with Humphrey Spender on the original design.

A full quarter of a century ago in 1991, Maldon celebrated its very own Millennium and the famous Battle of Maldon, when the local Saxons lead by Brythnoth were defeated by the Vikings in 991.

The creation of the Embroidery was one of a series of commemorative events that year and the Centre were proud to be the custodians of the 42ft long masterpiece displayed in a purpose-built cabinets for everyone to enjoy.

Designed by the distinguished artist and photographer Humphrey Spender, the Embroidery took three years and 100 people to complete, including 86 local embroiderers.

The pupils of All Saints Primary School were so inspired by their visit in 2016 to see the famous Maldon Embroidery they created their own version of it and presented the embroideries to the Maeldune Heritage Centre. The pupils designed beautifully stitched panels, alive with vibrant colours, telling the story of The Battle of Maldon in 991 in vivid detail.

The embroidered panels were a fitting tribute to the Maldon Embroidery to celebrate

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