Jill Hipsey – Trustee, Maeldune Heritage Centre

Jill Hipsey

Chair of the Maeldune Trust

I was persuaded to become a trustee of the Heritage Centre by my friend Pat Willis as I am interested in all forms of art. As I am a textile artist, I have become fascinated by the Maldon Embroidery, its design, its exquisite stitching and its wealth of Maldon’s history. I love giving talks to both school children and adults, explaining how it was made and what is represented in the panels. I realise what an asset the Heritage Centre is to the town as we not only have local visitors, but many from further afield and all over the world who appreciate our unique offering to the town. Now as chair of the Trust, together with the Trustees and the manager, I am keen to improve what we offer to make the Centre a ‘must see’ place in Maldon.

Colin Pryke

Treasurer to the Maeldune Trust

I retired as a Chartered Accountant in practice in Chelmsford several years ago. During my career I have been Treasurer to several charitable organisations and now enjoy that post with the Maeldune Trust.

Colin Pryke – Trustee, Maeldune Heritage Centre
Helen Philpott – Trustee, Maeldune Heritage Centre

Helen Philpott

Trustee and Secretary to the Maeldune Trust

Whilst working as Town Clerk at Maldon Town Council I was involved in the transformation of the former ground floor of the Plume Building, which had previously housed the Essex County Council Library, into what is now the Maeldune Centre.  It was a very exciting period when the magnificent Maldon Embroidery was moved from the Moot Hall, where it was previously displayed, to the purpose built cabinets in the Maeldune Centre.

After a career move to becoming Town Clerk at Billericay Town Council I was very pleased when I was approached by a former Trustee and asked to become Secretary and a Trustee of the Maeldune Centre.  I have continued in these roles since retirement from full time work.

This has enabled me to see the Centre grow and prosper providing local artists with an excellent venue in the centre of the town to display their artwork and crafts.

Derek Jones


The Maeldune Trust runs the Maeldune Heritage Centre which hosts the well known Maldon Embroidery and other exhibits linked to Maldon’s history, as well as regular exhibitions of work by local artists. I  become a trustee in 2019 and enjoy actively contributing to all aspects of  the Trust’s work of promoting Maldon’s history and heritage.
Derek Jones – Trustee, Maeldune Heritage Centre
Rachel Wood – Trustee, Maeldune Heritage Centre

Rachel Wood


When we retired, I and my husband moved back from Scotland to Essex, where we grew up. We moved to Maldon and I started looking for voluntary work. I became a Trustee at the Maeldune Centre in 2021.

As a former teacher, I enjoy giving talks on the beautiful embroidery and what it tells us about the town’s thousand-year history since the Battle of Maldon. Often, members of the audience recall family stories about the town and its development, and have things to contribute that make each tour unique.

The story of how the embroidery itself was designed and executed is also interesting. Thirty years ago, my mother and some of her friends took part in sewing this fabulous work, and so it is good to know that their efforts live on.

Anyone visiting Maldon should come to the Maeldune Centre, to see the embroidery and the many exhibitions. I recommend booking a talk to get the best understanding of the brilliantly executed embroidery.

Dorreen Linton


I was really pleased to be appointed a Trustee in March 2016.  The Centre truly is one of the gems of Maldon, housing the Maldon Millenium Embroidery as well as the gift shop and exhibition area, which represent an important facility for the district’s arts and crafts community.

As a Committee Member of the Maldon Society, I was already familiar with the work and value of the Heritage Centre as our digital and oral history archives are stored here.  Since becoming a Trustee, I understand even more about its importance.  I have also had an opportunity to research and find out more about the stories behind the motifs on the Millennium Embroidery and share them with our visitors.

Dorreen Linton – Trustee, Maeldune Heritage Centre
Lynda O'Brien – Center Manager, Maeldune Heritage Centre

Lynda O’Brien

Centre Manager

I joined the Maeldune Heritage Centre as a volunteer in September 2019 as a volunteer and as manager in February 2019. It is a pleasure and privilege to assist the Maeldune Trust in keeping the story of the Maldon Embroidery and local history alive as proud custodians.

The Craft shop is a vibrant welcome to visitors as they enter the Centre thanks to the local artists who provide unique, handmade items for the shelves.

The exhibition hall is an eclectic space to promote local arts and crafts.

There is a wealth of local history to share with visitors, in particular the story of the Maldon Embroidery and St. Peter’s Tower.

The Centre is volunteer led and as manager it is very rewarding to work with an enthusiastic and dedicated team of Craft shop volunteers and Maldon Ambassadors to make our visitors welcome.

The duties as manager are varied, working with the Trustees, Town Hall and Heritage Group to promote local history and ensure the objectives, aims and vision of the Trust are met.

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