Yvonne Simpson.

I’m a London-based artist, originally from Essex, with a passion for positive uplifting art and all types of creativity. I have enjoyed painting since childhood, and am always experimenting with different styles and materials, which you will notice in some of my work.

Throughout life, I have found art to be a creative outlet for relaxation and meditation. Whilst living in the South of France, I experimented more with bold colours, and since then my journey has continued in parallel to my love for yoga and spiritual discovery. This latest collection has been influenced by my connection to nature. Whilst enjoying some of my favourite paddleboarding hotspots around Essex I have captured images that could make great art – so I did just that, and got my brushes out in an aim to create and remember some more beautiful moments of life!

Ailish Warner.

Ailish Warner is an Essex artist. She specializes in depicting wildlife and landscapes in a variety of mediums. She is both a talented watercolour artist and printmaker and her specialism is linocutting and etching.

There are many exceptional wildlife artists, but Ailish wanted to combine her love of Essex wildlife and birdlife with her love of colour and abstract work. Many of her artworks are mixed media with a combination of very realistic renderings of wildlife and birds with abstract and seasonal backgrounds.

Initially Ailish worked in lino. producing relief prints in a very traditional style. Over the last few years she has had the opportunity to work in many more forms of printmaking including collographs which is using cardboard and a variety of different tools and mediums to produce unique prints. She has also done a recent collection of monoprints and etchings. This recent collection of work is a selection of original etchings which are each printed onto either hand-painted or collaged backgrounds.