“Blackwater Dreaming” Art by George Kowzan
Maeldune Heritage Centre, Maldon
October 29 – November 14 2020

There’s nothing so practical as a dream.

Down at the Prom
walking, thinking, worrying, hoping,
re-charging, remembering, head-clearing, musing,
moon-gazing, star-watching, sun-worshipping,

Oh, I do like to stroll along the Prom, Prom, Prom
Where the brass bands play, tiddley-om-pom-pom.

Staring at clouds, dodging wind and rain…

…red rain is pouring down
I am lying down at the water’s edge in my dream
It can’t be that cold, the ground is still warm to touch
We touch, this place is so quiet, sensing that storm

Squelching through the mud, mud, mud

Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right
Here I am, stuck in the middle…

And I dreamed I saw the bombers
Riding shotgun in the sky
Turning into butterflies

We are stardust

Sweet dreams are made of this
Everybody’s looking for something

The sun’s coming out
I just know that something good is gonna happen

Hold your head up
Keep your head up, movin’ on

…..and dreamin’, dreaming is free.

There’s nothing so practical as a dream.

Grateful thanks for the inspiration from all the artists and songs.

georgekowzan@outlook.com 07947 367274