We are delighted to welcome a group of 5 Essex potters to exhibit a the Maeldune Heritage Centre.

The theme is inspired by a centuries-old story about an encounter between a mysterious winged creature and a lone horseman. Dubious sightings of this dragon-like beast were reported in a local pamphlet “Strange News out of Essex”, printed in 1669, of which an original copy is held in the British Library.

The featured ceramicists are Ann Hebden, Jacqui Cade-Bowyer, Sandra Hall, Judith Annakie-Eriksen and Lucy Fowler.

Come along to the Centre to speak with the ceramicists on our ‘Meet the Artist’ days:

Tuesdays:  Jacqui Cade-Bowyer 1-4pm and Lucy Fowler 11-12.30pm
Wednesdays: Judith Annakie-Eriksen 12-3pm
Thursdays: Sandra Hall (demonstrating) and Lucy Fowler. 1.30-4pm
Fridays:  Judith Annakie-Eriksen 12-3pm
Saturdays:  Jacqui Cade-Bowyer and Ann Hebden  11-4pm